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Mothered UP

Posted by marnie on November 10, 2013 MOTHERUP_TB_0071

Different than man-ing, bucking and fucking up, I happened to Mother Up THIS past week. Fine. Be like that. A stickler, needing to know which “this” I mean, and possibly doubting how long it will actually take me to write and post THIS this.

November 6th.

What’s it mean to Mother Up exactly? Hmm. Bet if there was a sub-urban dictionary, it would say something like this:

Mother Up (v)

To eat carbs and blame the waiter that brought the breadbasket. To dress in yoga pants all day and never make it to the gym. To don an underwire bra. To drink wine at 5 in order to take the edge off. To manufacture an edge – be it, a bad hair day, your period coming someday, a temper tantrum by a kid (others or your own), etc. – so you can drink at 5pm.

But this time, in this case, it’s not what I meant. This past week, the TV show that I dreamed about, for which I bought a how-to-write-animation guide and realized as a newspaper column (“The Poop”) about 10 (!) years ago launched on Hulu!

I know! Holy, no and oh shit .

Fiiine. I ALSO ate the pita that came with the Mediteranean Platter I ordered, wink, wink, for everyone. And, yep, allegedly there may have been some stretch to my jeans, making them seemingly uncomfortable looking but giving them some give. And for fuck’s sake, I practically invented the under wire bra.

Be a wise ass. I didn’t work out either.

Katie Torpey, my sister-like best friend, writing partner, Catholic counterpart to my Jew, Hallmark to my Spencer’s and co-creator of this half-hour animated series and I flew to LA on Tuesday morning to go to the launch party for the show.

There was Zipz wine, a sippy cup-like, single-serving, hermetically sealed wine that didn’t suck, except for the poor bartender who had to peel the wine instead of pour. Cupcakes with “Mother Up” or Rudi, the main character, based on my life story, only better looking, hotter and more high powered than I ever was, on them. There were 15 of our good and good-looking friends, impressive each in their own right, and producers that publicly acknowledged us.

It was an event I’d wish on anyone.

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